How to buy the BEST tablet on the market?

“How to buy the best tablet on the market?”
This is the classic easy & simple question that deserve quite a big explanation!

It is difficult to find ideal and the Best Tablet because there are many good devices currently on the market. Also, new tablets all have similar performances and quite the same hardware, but still some of them are more quality and some of them are low quality tablet PCs with. Also, some of the best tablets are much expensive than ones with same configuration. Now you probably ask yourself which one is the best tablet to buy. We will help you through your choice, but we also take a look at our Best Tablet 2012 to view latest models of tablets and see what users says for each 2012 tablet PC.
But firstly ask yourself, do I really need a tablet? We ask that because tablets are not filling a true need, but they fill that device needing that you might have. If you take a look at todays smartphones, tablets have same features, running on same operating systems like smarphones do, and only thing that separates smartphones from tablets is the size of the screen. Primary purpose of tablets is reading e-mails, browsing the internet, watching movies and listening the music.
But all of that functions and features tend to use tablet PC for fun.

So lets take a look at tablets faults; You can not write books, or documents, ok ok, now someone will probably say we can, yes you can, but tablet is not intended for doing this things. In the other hand, if you really need a device for fun, and you already have an desktop computer or notebook, tablet computer will be the right choice for you.
And, what is the best tablet PC for you? First of all, you will need to find which is your perfect operating system. If you have iPhone or iMac or any other Apple device, you should probably buy one of the iPad tablets, we say that because we assume that you are an Apple lover and love Apple products. iPad is running on iOS operating system, it is good and well optimized because it is intended only for 2 devices, iPad and the iPhone. But, there are 2 more OS on the market, Android and Windows.
More and more new tablets are running on Android OS in version 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich. If you want a tablet running on Android operating system, we will recommend to you to buy some tablet with ICS, or some that will certainly get update from Honycomb to ICS. Do not buy tablets with Honeycomb version of Android, especially on that are running on Android 2.3, Android 2.2 and lower because those tablets are just clones of modern tablets, they are cheap, but also they are low quality devices. There are a small bunch of tablets that are running on Windows OS (Windows 7), and that tablets are intended for business users and have larger screen. Most of models are notebooks with touch screen, and we will not recommend you to buy such tablets. But, if you are not in hurry to buy a tablet PC, we recommend you to wait a few more months because Windows 8 is just been released, this new OS will be named Windows RT for the best Tablet PC hardware?
There are many manufacturers of the tablets hardware, but they manufacture similar parts, some same parts but with different names. If you are planning to buy quality tablet with fast performances we will recommend you to buy tablet with dual-core processor or at least with processor of 1 GHz or higher. Also, find a tablets with a lot of RAM, you should buy tablet with at least 1 GB of RAM. There are a lot of useful hardware parts that you should take into the consideration when you looking to buy a tablet: HDMI connector, Front Camera for Voip calls, built-in GPS, and ability to expand memory with memory cards.

What size of tablet PC screen to choose? Currently on the market there are 3 standard sizes of tablet screens: 5 inch, 7 inch and 10 inch screen. You you will need to choose the size of the tablet by yourself, but we will recommend you to buy tablets with at least 7 inch screen. If you need bigger screen, Toshiba will release Excite 13 tablet PC soon with super big screen of 13 inch. If you will watching a lot of movies and read a lot of e-books, choose 10 inch tablet. If you will use tablet occasionally for sending e-mails, talking or browsing the internet right choice for you will be the 7 inch tablet PC. For business users we recommend 10 inch tablet or larger.
We will present you some of the tablet that are quite good, not too expensive, probably the best tablets for the year 2012. First model is Amazon Kindle Fire. For $199 this tablet will be the most popular one in 2012. That is because best ratio of price and the performances. Also, Kindle Fire is running on Android 2.3 OS, has 7 inch capacitive touch screen and it is powered by 1 GHz dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM. Next one is the new Apple iPad 3 tablet. With dual-core 1 GHz processor and the 512 MB of RAM we can compare it with Amazons Kindle Fire, but iPad has a screen of 9.7 inch and it is much more expensive than Kindle Fire, price of the iPad is $499 for the model with Wi-Fi and 16 GB of storage. Our latest choice is Blackberry Playbook. With 1 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, price of $199 for the 16 GB model is our top choice. Blackberry tablet has 7 inch screen and has ability of update to Blackberry 2.0 OS. Blackberry OS has no such large apps and games market as the Android market and iOS app store, but it will fulfill everyones needs.

We hope You’ll find help in our suggestion in the search for the BEST DEAL!

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