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Price: all over US, even Alaska and Hawaii is a wide range electronics online retailer: they offer good deals on the every kind of TV models, from LCD to the latest 3D LED flat screens, produced by the main top-sellers on the market like Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sony, Philips, Toshiba, etc. Where they excel is in the cameras sector, fullfilled with reflex and compact cameras from Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, etc, at the lowest-price available! They also provides a fast shipping service in a maximun of 3 days-to-send, all over US, included Alaska and Hawaii.

00000 – the widest range of Electronics on the  net!

Nowadays can count on a comunity of 18 millions trusted clients that choosed this site not only for his efficient service and the avaibility of its products, but also for the possibility to find the product they are searching for in the DEALS category.
Checking on the categories, I founded a very interesting part in the Electronics: they have offers that cover all the categories: from the simple usb key, to the last Samsung LED Flat TV, and the others main selled competitors about quality flat screens, like Sony, Sharp, Philips, Panasonic, Logitech, Toshiba, Monster, Peerless, Coby and LG.
Where they excell is in their main selection of reflex cameras from Canon, Nikon, Olympus and the others main brands like Pentax, JVC, Kodak and Samsung. They also have an interesting Compact Cameras section where you can find Sony, Panasonic and Fujifilm cameras at the cheapest price.
Even the Computer sector is well covered from tablets, where you can have an enormous choice nowadays, from the “firstborn” Apple iPad 2, to the newest Coby Kyros MID7012-4G 7″ Tablet, Telechips ARM 11, 4GB Storage, MicroSD Reader, Wi-Fi, Android 2.3 . They also sell Acer, HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba computers, especially laptops and Desktops.
The Cell Phones section is where you can always find the REAL DEAL! You can find an offer to save 35% on an Apple iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy III brand-new at $599, instead of $799! They also have the others main competitors like Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry and Jawbone.

One of the BUY.COM most interesting feature is that they offer many kind of deals, like the Today’s Deals and the Weekly Deals where you could always find and get the best buy on sale items, clearance blowouts, hot electronics, cool computers, as well as the latest music, movies and books, and so much more.
On BUYTV otherwise, you’ll have a list of high-tech objects on sale and many others kinds of products especially thought about the main Holidays and Celebretion days like SEND YOU VALENTINE’S GIFT FROM BUY.COM!
Then you could find a very cheap and smart $10 STORE, fullfilled with maximun $10′ product… a great place to send a gift to your girl and don’t spend a fortune!

Last Deals possibility is maybe the most interesting… beacause here you can choose from a tons of product on FREE SHIPPING! Forget the ship payment in plus you usually had to pay, pick items here!

They ship all over the U.S., even in Alaska and Hawaii, with a maximun of 3 days-to-send.

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Conclusion Rating
Delivery Times
4 stars
Range of Products
5 stars
Customer Service
4 stars
Price Range
5 stars

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