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This week a good friend of mine asked me about a good antivirus software to suggest him, so, after a good hard-day-work I picked up my laptop (and the rest of my will) to check the best updates about the latest best antiviruses.
Altought my will was so weak, the discovery of this company line of products keep me waked up!
I founded out that Webroot.com is a leader in delivering Internet security as a service, since they has released the latest updates to Webroot SecureAnywhere in 2013. Its family of ground-breaking security solutions that uniquely protect individuals and families from the most dangerous online threats with less impact on system performance than any other security product available today. They offer a full complete offer for ANYONE that is searching a great antivirus software, they have great solutions for privates, mobiles and business.

Webroot has significantly improved its generic system protection to fight identity-stealing threats, a class of infection which is notoriously difficult for conventional products to detect and combat. SecureAnywhere automatically blocks these tricky keyloggers, screen grabbers, man-in-the-browser attacks, and information-stealing trojan horse attacks. This extra protection layer works in addition to the antimalware components of SecureAnywhere, creating a powerful new layer of defense against the most malicious of threats in the same small, lightweight package. Webroot’s identity protection capabilities are automatically configured to protect a user’s financial data, providing superior protection for online banking and shopping.

Which range of antivirus softwares does Webroot offer?

For Private solutions:

Their line for Home & Mobile start with a choice between three kind of products that provide a different full-range of protection from the main and more specific threats that you can encounter on the Internet.The first is Webroot® SecureAnywhere™ AntiVirus that protects PCs or Macs, is Windows 8 compatible, blocks all forms of viruses and spyware, detects phishing attacks, includes firewall, identity Shield, identifies unsafe links and search results, protection in social media surfing, management website and then the possibility of being always up-to-date and no reboots. They also offer two others versions called PLUS (that offer also password encryption and mobile protetion for 3 yours devices) and the COMPLETE version (that even contain a system cleaner and the possibility to back-up your datas in online storage and file syncronizations).

For Business solutions:

They obviously provide even a Business Line of Antivirus solutions, as Webroot SecureAnywhere: it installs in milliseconds, scans in less than two minutes and becomes more intelligent every day. Its 700-kilobyte client efficiently accesses more than 75 terabytes of malware data in our cloud-based Webroot Intelligence Network. As this collective intelligence delivers comprehensive real-time protection, endpoints collect over 200 gigabytes of behavioral hashes each day. Unique URL and IP data feeds from strategic partners to further enrich our malware intelligence. As a result, Webroot SecureAnywhere becomes more powerful every minute, and more effective each time an endpoint is added anywhere in the world.
They also offer the help of their Technology Partners to solve their clients focused problems as Security Intelligence for Networks Suite, Banking & eCommerce, XSPs, Saas, Web 2.0, Healthcare & Pharma, Mobility and Government issues.
They delivery their antivirus software and systems all over the World.

What is the best deals on antivirus software at Webroot nowadays?

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Webroot SecureAnywhere 2013 antivirus software


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