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Wrapsol.com is a protection film-maker, established in US, tha produce a particular polyurethan protection cover for every device (iPad 4th and Mini, iPhone 4S and 5, Blackberry, Samsung cell phones, iPods and MacBooks) that avoid any scratch and dings on your gadget. They has 4 main models for as the ULTRA, EXTREME, CLEAN and PRIVACY that perfectly matches on tablets (iPad 4th gen and Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note, Amazon Kindle Fire and the main others producers as Nokia, Google and Asus) and mobile phones, the ORIGINAL for laptops and the GRIP PAD, just to prevent anymore tablets fall!


Wrapsol.com – keep your devices always protected!

Checking out the protection films market offers, we found this website and we immediately know to have found something good!
Wrapsol.com is a leading company maker of protective film polymeral solutions that safeguard devices against everyday drop, impact and scratch damage including cracks, scrapes and dashes.
First of all, you can start the search of your film, directly by selecting your device from a list of product that includes tablets, mobile phones, MacBooks and iPods.
Their offer basically cover the full range of devices, but after the creation of their first polymeral film, the ULTRA, they decided to give more choice to their clients by inventing other two options on the cellular phones and a great film for MacBook and tablets:

-the ULTRA: the classical and genuine film that give the birth to everyone else. This film preserve the screen brilliancy and sensativity of your phone from any scracth or impact, with its shiny and unique glossy style!
-the EXTREME ULTRA: this is the version 2.0 of the ULTRA film. This model is optimized for case compatability, and engineered for screen clarity, vibrancy and sharpness. The basic se is just with the screen cover, but you can even ask for the complete kit.
- the CLEAN: it has the main features of the ULTRA model, but it has also more: in addition to the scrathes damage and impact resistancy, this high-stenght polyurethan film is treated to be anti-glare effects and anti-finger prints.
- the PRIVACY: this is the prefered by our staff! Obviously it has all the main feature of the ULTRA, but it also have one great more: images and texts on your device will be protected by onlookers on your sides that will just see a dark screen, thanks to the particular polymeral disposition of this film, while you will just see a clear and perfect image!
- the ORIGINAL: this film has the scratch and dents resistancy of the ULTRA and it’s available for the laptops, perfectly matches with MacBook and MacBook PRO, to give you portable pc all the protection it needs.
- the GRIP PAD: this product, only available for tablets, in a particular polyrethan mix called tactilla, an advanced high durability micro-textured polyurethane, could avoid your tablet falls and damage: your iPad will be safe even when it’s on your knees!
To let our reader know if their devices matches with Wrapsol.com products, we decide to made a list:
- Mobile phones: iPhone 4/4s/5, mains Blackberry Bold and Curve models, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Nexus and all the main and latest models by Motorola, Nokia and HTC!
- Tablets: iPad 2/3/4 and Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 and 7.0 both available) and the others most famous models from tha Amazon Kindle Fire to
the Google Nexus 7, passing through the Asus EEE Slate and the Blackberry PlayBook.

The site is also fullfilled of videos and clients questions, daily checked by Wrapsol Staff, on test on the film protection, how to apply the films on your devices and how to keep them cleen.
Also their Client Customer Care is well managed and they offer all the help you’ll need, by fast answering and they provide shipping all over the world and free shipping in US (Alaska and Hawaii included) for orders over $29.99.

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5 stars
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5 stars
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